Calais Promotion

Agence de développement économique du Calaisis



Specialists in technical checks, inspections, assistance and training, QUALICONSULT guides its clients through every step of the construction and operation of its buildings, technical installations and infrastructures.
We operate in every sphere of the construction, property, tertiary and industrial sectors in order to meet the needs of our customers in two key areas: risk management and the enhancement and protection of heritage buildings.

Our specialist skills:

  • Technical checks on buildings and diagnostics;
  • Regulatory checking of equipment and facilities;
  • Safety coordination and public health protection;
  • Diagnostics, audits and technical assistance;
  • Buildings and facilities requiring specialist environmental protection (ICPE);
  • Property diagnostics; 
  • Project management assistance;
  • Training.


33 years’ experience
Over 100 building projects

Directeur de l'agence de Calais : BARAS Antoine
Effectif : 1800
Chiffre d'affaire : 168 millions d'euros


412 rue Pâquette
62231 Coquelles France
Tél. : 00 33 (0)3 21 17 07 62
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