Calais Promotion

Economic development agency for the Calais region

Our services

Calais Promotion offers a range of business services tailored to the needs of your project.

Presenting the local area

Visit us here in Calais and we will happily arrange a presentation of the local area and its economy to help in your decision-making process.

Managing your project

We can help you shape and refine your project, providing advice on feasibility studies, help with information gathering and identifying solutions, support in writing your business plan and contacts with potential local partners.

Finding the right premises and sites

We will help you choose the site or premises best suited to your project.

Securing funding

We can help you identify any grants and other financial support your project qualifies for.

Identifying finance

We will provide advice and support to help access the finance you need to get your project off the ground.

Finding investors

We can help you locate partners to invest in your company through our business networks.

Dealing with local agencies and authorities

We can guide you through the various administrative and technical phases of your project including applications for planning permission and other licences and registrations.

Providing support for the hiring and training staff

We can call on a network of private and public sector partners to help with your recruitment and training needs. We work with a wide range of partners including local and central government employment agencies, training organisations, colleges and universities.

Promoting regeneration

We take responsability for managing a number of regeneration schemes which offer job creation grants to local businesses. It is our job to identify suitable projects, provide information and advice to businesses and manage the administrative and financial aspects of grant applications.

Contact us

We are here to help you find your way through the key stages of your business set-up or development project. We offer a personal service tailored to your needs which is both free and confidential.

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