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Financial support

A wide range of enterprise finance initiatives is available from both the public and private sectors which need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis in line with your project. Financial support may come from European, national, regional or local funds and apply to different aspects of your project including financial support for job creation, innovation, property, recruitment and training. The level of support will generally depend on the size of your investment, the number of jobs to be created and the location of your business.

The Calais area offers a full battery of financial support schemes for start-ups, business development and job creation. This support comes in different forms including grants, interest-free personal start-up loans, low-interest loans, capital repayment loans, microcredit loans, tax and social security exemptions and innovation grants.

The Calais Urban Authority is committed to supporting the development of local businesses through a system of local support and innovation grants for local trades and crafts and can provide repayable grants to qualifying businesses.

The Zone Franche Urbaine, a tax-free local development zone located within the Marcel Doret business park offers qualifying businesses a number of tax and social security exemptions designed to promote enterprise development.

The local area also qualifies for a number of regional, national and European grant funding schemes. In particular, Calais is situated in an area eligible for regional aid (Zone d’Aides à Finalité Régionale or AFR) and is thus entitled to apply for specific aid including the Regional Development Grant (Prime à l’Aménagement du Territoire or PAT).

Local regeneration

Whenever the restructuring of large companies results in job losses on a scale which has a significant impact on the local jobs market, local bodies will work together with central government to implement and monitor a number of regeneration schemes. The most common of these is the provision of grants and low-interest loans under a Job Creation Support Fund (Fonds d’Aide à la Création d’emplois). For several years now Calais Promotion has been responsible for managing a number of regeneration schemes, such as the SNCF scheme set up under a 3-year agreement signed in 2012 following the closure of SEAFRANCE. Under the agreement Calais Promotion is responsible for grant allocation and SNCF Développement for the granting of loans.

Contact us

Thanks to our expertise in both the public and private business finance sectors, we are ideally placed to help you identify the type of financial support which is right for your project. We can help set up finance packages, provide assistance with grant and loan applications, provide contacts from our network of private and public financial partners and facilitate meetings with potential funders.

Further info: SNCF Développement Calais Urban Authority