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Business premises

The Calais area offers a range of premises suitable for all business needs. Located either in business parks or around the town itself, the property options available include flexible solutions suitable for all business types.

Tailor-made business premises

The Calais area boasts a number of facilities designed to help new businesses test the market and support young entrepreneurs and start-ups, including a business incubator and a digital accelerator. They complement the business premises provided by the Opal Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI CO) in Calais and the surrounding area. The CCI CO runs an enterprise seedbed for start-ups and three business villages. Its property stock is located in the Urban Tax-Free Zone and is open to all B to B enterprises (industrial activities and services to the industrial and service sectors).

A varied private sector property market

The private property sector also offers a wide range of premises including office and warehousing space, retail properties and workshops. The Eurocap business park leases and operates a group of modular properties suitable for logistics, service and mixed business use. From small individual units to large complexes, the service sector property market offers a wide range of options both in the centre and on the outskirts of Calais. The commercial property sector is also well provided for with a range of retail units both in the town centre and in shopping centres and retail parks.

Contact us

Calais Promotion can help you assess the property options available and identify the premises best adapted to your plans. Working together with our partners in the property business, we can survey the property stock available and facilitate your access to premises in either the public or the private sector.

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