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Heroic Land, a theme park in Calais

A major step forward for Calais’ new theme park:

On Friday 23 January 2015, Natacha Bouchart, the President of Calais Promotion, and members of the Project Development Fund, which is spearheading the project for the town’s future theme park, highlighted the significant progress that has been made in terms of its development and visual identity.

Named Heroic Land, the theme Park in Calais will champion adventure with 32 attractions split between six zones, each with a different theme: the sea (for the park’s youngest visitors) Jules Verne (steampunk), heroic fantasy, manga, science fiction and great adventurers. The website will provide progress updates until its official opening.

The second study phase is currently ongoing. In addition to the challenges relating to planning and access, this phase will enable the summary draft project to develop into a detailed draft project involving (soil and fauna/flora studies, the detailed design of all the park’s component parts, the buildings required around each attraction, infrastructures and internal access).