Calais Promotion

Economic development agency for the Calais region


A new and even more attractive urban environment

Calais is currently at the forefront of several projects which are going to contribute to making deep and lasting changes to its urban environment : housing offer, public facilities, development of the canals, embellishment of its monuments, renovation of its historic center… 

Major projects which symbolise this new urban dynamic 

Descartes-Blériot eco-quarter:

The development of an eco-quarter in the town centre with a focus on sustainable development as part of a wider urban regeneration plan

Key facts and figures:

  • 4-hectare site
  • construction of 330 accommodation units
  • project management: public-private partnership
  • partners: Calais Town Council, Calais Public Housing Office, Centrale de Création Urbaine, H4 Groupe Suez
  • participating companies: Nacarat, Investim Immobilier, Habitat hauts-de-France, Monduplex


Coubertin eco-quarter

The development of an eco-quarter (accommodation, public amenities, shops, offices) with a focus on sustainable development as part of a wider urban regeneration plan

Key facts and figures:

  • 7-hectare site
  • development (organisation, planning, scheduling) in progress
  • project management: City of Calais
  • 220 housing units varying in type from collective to individual
  • facilities: hosting and housing structure for disabled, health centre and leisure centre


ZAC des Tullistes

Renovation of an old district in the town of Calais

Key facts and figures:

  • 2-hectare site
  • project management: City of Calais
  • construction of 166 housing units
  • renovation of the local environment
  • facilities: childcare centre, municipal center for social action


Renovation of Calais Nord

Renovation of one of the town’s historic districts

Key facts and figures:

  • 6-hectare site
  • upgrading of public spaces
  • highlighting of heritage features
  • creation of new leisure and walking areas
  • project management: Calais Town Council 


Development of Fort Risban

Urban and tourist development of the seafront

Key facts and figures:

  • aims: development of the service and tourist sectors and enhancement of the seafront
  • project management: Calais Town Council
  • phase 1: promoting the historic heritage and creation of a dune park, completion in 2018
  • phase 2: complete restoration of public spaces, on-going
  • implementation of a tourist and cultural facility by the compagnie La Machine directed by François Delaroziere
  • implementation of a convention & tourism centre by Groupe Duval: