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Economic development agency for the Calais region


Logistics, the driving force behind Calais’ economic development 

Thanks to its geographic location and infrastructure, Calais stands at the centre of major trade routes between the UK and continental Europe – as a result, the region attracts significant amounts of goods traffics as well as large numbers of travellers. Transport and logistics therefore provide real potential for major development which the region is making every effort to promote through a number of different infrastructure projects.

These projects will contribute towards:

  • the creation of a structured logistics network,
  • the development of intermodal transport,
  • the consolidation of Calais’s position as a European logistics hub,
  • the creation of new businesses,
  • the consolidation and development of existing local businesses.


Calais Port 2015

The Calais Port 2015 project, initiated by the port’s operator, the Opal Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has received the backing of its owner, the Nord Pas-de-Calais regional council, since 2007. This project aims to extend the port’s capacity through the creation of a new dock. It will also allow the present port to welcome new-generation and roll-on roll-off ferries, as well as enabling it to handle increased traffic between continental Europe and the UK. In addition, the project will respond to new developments in the sector, in particular the movement towards piggyback transport within Europe. With this in mind, the project will fully integrate the town’s intermodal rail, road and maritime infrastructures (rolling motorways and “motorways of the sea”).

Key facts and figures:

  • a total of €863 million to be invested by 2021
  • construction of a 3,000-m dyke to house a 90-ha lake
  • 45 hectares of new reclamation ground
  • creation of a new railway junction
  • construction of three new large ferry stations

Further information:
Film “Calais Port 2015”


A logistics park at the centre of European trade routes

Taking advantage of its position at the crossroads of motorway, maritime and railway transport routes, the metropolitan body for the Calais area is developing a major logistics park called Transmarck-Turquerie. Rolled out along the A16/E40 motorway, this park is located near cross-channel infrastructure and has a railway link. With this dedicated space, the territory is developing a structured offer to attract and promote major trade routes to and from the United Kingdom, and strengthening its role as a European logistics node.

Key information:

  • 220 hectares including 72 hectares in their marketing phase
  • a bimodal business park
  • at the crossroads of two European motorway corridors
  • close to the Port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel
  • developers: Territoires Soixante-Deux


Rolling motorways 

The region is working hard to promote its rail network, with the arrival in 2015 of the Viia rolling motorway which will help to consolidate the town’s position as a European logistics hub. Combined with the activities of Eurotunnel, which spearheaded the growth in this sector twenty years ago, Calais will become one of the leading piggyback transport hubs in Europe.

  • Viia

In September 2013, the Minister for Transport, Frédéric Cuvillier, announced the introduction of a rolling motorway service between Perpignan and Calais planned for the second half of 2015. This rolling motorway links Le Boulou, near Perpignan, with Calais, where a terminal was built at the port. The rolling motorway service will be operated by Viia, a company which is part of Geodis, a subsidiary of the SNCF group.

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  • CargoBeamer 

CargoBeamer is a German company which specialises in combined transport systems. The company is developing a European automated transfer system for articulated lorries on trains and is planning on building a rail transfer terminal in the heart of the Transmarck - Turquerie logistics park.

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