Located alongside the A16 motorway in Calais, the Virval business park covers an area of 72 hectares and is home to healthcare facilities and leisure services

At the junction of the A16/E40 (to Paris/Belgium/Eastern Europe) and A26/E15 (to Paris-Reims), the business park offers excellent visibility and accessibility, with direct access from the motorway. It is just 10 minutes from cross-Channel transport facilities, the port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel, as well as the Calais-Frethun┬átrain station offering high-speed connections to three European capitals (Brussels, London and Paris).

Part of the business park is dedicated to medical services, such as the new hospital opened in 2012, a retirement and care home for the elderly (EHPAD), and a clinic which specialises in psychiatric care and the treatment of addictions.

42 hectares have been set aside for the development of a theme park called Heroic Land that will attract visitors from all over Europe.